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I have tried many different ways of getting stuff done in my business, Pa’s, virtual or face to face, admin assistants, marketing gurus, social media managers. Emma seems to have the innate ability to be all of those things for me at once, she requires minimal instruction, minimal management and very little of my time to instinctively get the things done that I can’t or won’t.

She comes with all the attributes required to make my life as a CEO easier, whilst bringing a high level of understanding and experience of administration, social media, marketing, and policy.

Emma collaborated with me and a large marketing team to release the Global vaccination online summit, she runs my training business, overseeing the new website, email lists, bookings, and tech support. She incorporated a marketing strategy for my private medical company. She manages my diary and keeps me on the straight and narrow!

Emma is a constant support there when I need her and quietly industrious and effective when I don’t.

After ten years in business Emma is the best I have worked with, once you have her you will not want to let her go!!

It has been a great pleasure and benefit to my business to have Emma as my VA (virtual assistant) the last year and a half! I am a wedding officiant and have been marrying couples in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2005.

In the past few years, I hired a firm to re-brand me, creating my new website, and setting me up with the latest tools for marketing, outreach, social media, and exposure.

However, I began to find myself over my head with learning and using my new apps and tools to streamline my business and operate on a much more professional manner.

Then I found Emma and hired her immediately. What a joy and a relief! She saw how difficult it was for me to navigate most of my apps and tools. (Emma and I are at least 40 years apart in age!) She taught herself how to use the client-management system I wanted to use, and then patiently taught me to use it, or at least to understand it.

She has made a number of very clear Vimeos where she walks me through all the steps to accomplish something. She has created wonderful forms and documents – a big upgrade from the Word documents I’d been using for years. She has handled client needs efficiently and I never worry about missing a deadline. Emma has offered ideas and products for streamlining my business; I’ve never been paid by clients nor received completed forms in such a timely manner since Emma set up my invoicing and communication system.

In our meetings, Emma always went at my pace in explaining how to do things or offering alternative suggestions. She also sent me reminders about things I had missed.

Despite our being 5000 miles and 8 hours apart, Emma organized her life so we could meet and connect via Zoom, phone, text and email on a regular basis so I always felt completely supported. 

Emma has made an enormous difference to the quality and professionalism of my wedding officiant business. She is smart, kind, efficient, organized and worth a mint! I highly recommend She’s a Wildflower for your business, and give yourself the time and freedom to give your best of what your clients hire you for!