Becoming happier - A simpler way for busy lives.

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Welcome back! (Still doing my happy dance) I said in my last post we are going to dig deep into all the things in order to become unapologetically true to ourselves, I thought happiness would be a great start because we can’t go making decisions from an unhappy place now, can we?

feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
— Dictionary

Our lives have become so fast past, with so much pressure to be perfect that it is making us miserable and depressed.

People are forever chasing happiness; they think it will come with more money, a promotion or a new car only to realise once they have it, it brings them little joy so they chase the next thing… It’s a vicious cycle that brings the opposite of what they are looking for.

Happiness is not something we chase, its already inside us, we just need to remember that.

Happiness is all the small things, the unexpected hug from our child, the sun shining through the bedroom window in the morning when you open your eyes, the way your partner smiles at you, wet kisses from the dog!

We experience so many of these small gifts every single day, we should be ecstatic, but with all the articles sending us on our way to chase the next thing we have forgotten that its already there.

The simplest way to find the happiness within you is to be grateful for what you already have. Gratitude. People who express gratitude often experience more positive emotions, sleep better, express more kindness, and even have stronger immune systems.

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So I have a little challenge for you, are up for it?

I have created a fun 21 day gratitude sheet, with fun characters, for you to download and print off. Just notice something from each day you are thankful for and reflect on these by writing them on the sheet, pick one each day ‘character’ and write. It can be absolutely anything, there is no right or wrong. The sheet isn’t dated so you can start whenever you want - even on a Wednesday!

I’ll start:

  • I am grateful my kitchen radiator was fixed, now it’s not so cold in here!

Do this for 21 days, and hopefully beyond, and you will soon have a higher level of life satisfaction. You will start to notice all the small things without having to search for them, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy them because you noticed them at the time they happened.

Here are some prompts:

cactus journal prompts.jpg

If that’s not enough for you, try adding one of the below too - and remember kindness has a ripple effect.

  1. Journalling

  2. Random Acts of Kindness

  3. Exercise

  4. Meditation

Leave a comment below when you start and when you finish and let me know the change you feel, and use the hashtag #saw21daygratitude on Instagram so I can follow along with your progress.

You will be asked for your name and email details, and receive a confirmation email, click the link in the confirmation email to be taken to the download. Then just download to your phone/laptop and print!