Well Hello, there! 

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Hi, I’m Emma, Creative old soul, Mummy to two, Cold coffee and Kit Kat lover!

I know that choosing the right person to work with can be a difficult task, your business is your dream, you need to choose someone who clicks with you and your brand identity. Someone who will treat your business like their own so you know they are putting 110% into the tasks you need help with.

A little about me, I live in a little village in Oxfordshire, I have 15 years experience in customer service and administration. I am continuously learning, and will bring anything that’s an asset from that to your business, currently it’s illustration on the IPad, hand drawn digital logo anyone?

Passion and positivity radiate from me like little beams of sunshine, i’d love to bring that with me whilst I take on some of your tasks so you can truly be the face of your business, and I have a no-fluff attitude to getting it done.

If you want to hear more, I have a blog too!