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Im Em

I’m a thirty-something, Oxfordshire based VA, educator, and a slow living homebody. I support inspiring women to take ctrl and grow their businesses. I also teach virtual assistants to become more confident with their systems to support their clients confidently.

I’m an encourager by nature and a multi-passionate entrepreneur by heart.

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Image of Anna Anderson - For She's a Wildflower testimonial

Anna Anderson, founder of

I had been looking for a VA for a long-time and had even tried a few. It felt like a really big decision; what would I give to someone and wouldn’t it actually cause me more work?! Others hadn’t worked out in the past and I had found it even more stressful than doing it all myself.

And then I found Em.

She is hands down the best VA I have ever come across. We quickly built a relationship, she understands my business and even cheers me on when I need it. I feel like she is part of my team and she can see what I need help with rather than me trying to find the things to give her. She uses her own initiative, is creative, incredibly organised, smart and a really lovely woman to work with. If you are thinking about working with a VA then Em is your lady without question.

Em has been my VA for a few months now, I adore her, working with Em has been the best decision I have ever made. Everything she does for me is always so beautifully and professional presented.

Nothing is too much trouble, she is always happy and positive with a friendly smile. She constantly goes out of her way to help me in all aspects of my business. I love how she is so proficient and on top of all tasks. I really appreciate how Em is available to me whenever I need help with something, even though I live in Australia and our time zones are not compatible. To me this is a sign of her dedication and work ethic to both the client and tasks.

I truly consider Em my work colleague and friend.

Image of Leanne Sheargold - For She's a Wildflower testimonial

Leanne Sheargold